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Client Testimonials

This wasn’t my first published book, or even my second, but Gideon’s review of my third manuscript quickly homed in on critical blind spots: where someone slipped out of character, or when the tone shifted out of thriller mode, or when the dialogue was too ‘on the nose’. He also pointed out where the prose shone, and where the protagonist’s dark humour hit the mark. Well worth the money!

Barry Kirwan
Barry is the author of a number of books published with Harper Collins, Bloodhound Books, and independently on Amazon

Having authored multiple books I thought I pretty much had it down. Gideon quickly showed me I had much to learn to take my writing to the next level. I am very glad to have had his excellent insight into my work. 

Andrew Wood
Andrew has written a number of best-selling non-fiction books and is soon to publish his first fiction novel.

Thank you very much for the excellent and detailed analysis. All of it was extremely helpful.

Mike J
Author and screenwriter

Gideon's feedback has proven to be incredibly valuable, and I am truly appreciate the insights and suggestions.

Ahmed Al-Mayouf

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