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Fast-Track Manuscript Assessment

For early drafts or mysterious rejections. Not sure if you're ready to submit? Had a manuscript rejected and don't know why?

Quick turnaround. Agents will typically spend 5 minutes or less on a submission before making a decision. Our editors will spend two hours looking at your manuscript and writing a 500-1000 word report. Ideal if you are starting out, or if you have had rejections and no solid feedback. Is your manuscript getting out of the blocks on track, or is it starting on the wrong foot?

£99 fixed fee.

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Full Manuscript Assessment

For complete manuscripts from 'first draft' to 'nearly ready' for submission or publication.

Don't blow your chances of getting an agent or a publisher by sending out a manuscript that's not highly polished and professional. Agents and publishers are unforgiving. Your ARCUS editor will spend 5-10 hours reading the full manuscript and creating a 2000-3000 word report that will help you make your story the best it can be.

Typical fee £250-£600 depending on manuscript length.

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Development Edit

When you're almost there...

When you feel your manuscript is complete, has been through multiple edits and is nearly there, almost ready for agent representation or for publication, and you want to make sure it is delivering in every area, the Development Edit is key.

If you think agents and publishers are harsh, try reading online reviews. To make your story into a successfully published book, it has to be pretty much flawless. Those wordy bits that you forgive in your own writing? Readers switch off. That section you have a nagging feeling about? Online reviews will find you out. That problem you hoped the editor at the fancy publishing house will fix for you? Chances are it won't get there if you don't fix the problem first.

If you are close but want to be sure you've done everything right, the Development Edit is for you.

Typically £300-£720 depending on length.

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Copy Edits and Proofing

For when your manuscript is ready for publication.

A copy edit will check the language, sense, and flow of the book. It can also include fact checking and continuity within the story. Was your protagonist holding a PPK on page 241 and a Glock on page 243? A copy editor will pick up things that you've missed.

Proofing is a final check on spellings, typos, layout errors and any small mistakes on the final layout as the book is to be printed or published.

Typical fees TBC depending on length of manuscript.

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From Idea to Publication

Bespoke package.

If you need editorial or industry advice at any stage of the process, from idea to first draft, to agency representation, to traditional or independent publication, we are a one-stop-shop 

Don't know where to start, or just need help getting a good manuscript published? Teamwork works. We're here to help. 

Fees TBC depending on nature of work.

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