Gideon Roberton

Fiction Editor

Gideon is an experienced editor, story analyst and a published author. Gideon writes the Drake's War series of WW2 Espionage Thrillers under the pen name Gideon Saint. Drake's War has been selected for the Bernard Cornwell Reading Club and has been an best-seller.

Before he took up novel-writing, Gideon previously worked for Twentieth Century Fox, Focus Features, and Universal Pictures International as a story analyst. He also ran a department of a trade publishing business in London for a number of years. Additionally, he works as a freelance manuscript editor for a number of well-known writing institutions.

Gideon has a BA (hons) in Contemporary Media Practice (Westminster University), an MA in Creative Writing (Lancaster University), an MFA in Creative Writing (Kingston University), and he studied Screenwriting at UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles). Having been on all sides of the table, as an author, a publisher, and an editor, Gideon is uniquely placed to help you on your journey to becoming a published fiction author.

Gideon is also happy to do assessments for Feature Film Scripts, where he can bring his experience of the industry to bear!

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Mark Hooper

Non-Fiction Editor

Mark is an award-winning editor, author and editorial consultant. He has more than 25 years' editing experience, working with some of the biggest and most respected publications in the UK. Mark is the author of two non-fiction books; The Great British Tree Biography and The Story of Tools, both published by Pavilion, part of Harper Collins. Mark was co-founder of the literary periodical BSJJ: The BS Johnson Journal. 

Mark has also written for The Economist, The Guardian, Wired, Wallpaper, The Observer, and The Times.

With his breadth of experience as editor, journalist, and author, Mark is uniquely positioned to help you with your non-fiction project.

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